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View artwork from emerging contemporary artist Gordon Berger.

Contemporary abstract painting / Crypto art / Digital Painting NFT / Postinternet painting

Diagram of my art series focused on documenting the progression of the Crypto Art movement and using Blockchain as a medium. Highlighting what it means to be human in this important moment of cultural/technological transformation. ✨ 

-1st Series ‘Solidity’ deals with using smart contracts and blockchain's data as a medium for generative art. Exploring concepts of digital ownership, value, and authenticity in the virtual world.

-2nd Series ‘Materiality’ focuses on automation, human labor and the intersection between the physical and digital dimension -by materializing digital art through physical production techniques.

-3rd Series ‘Evolve’ -
artworks representing visual on-chain snapshots in time. Every new piece evolves and updates the previous version. Embracing the medium of 'digital painting' by utilizing 'computational fluid dynamics'.

-4th Series ‘UNITY’ - reflects the rise of generative art and NFT adoption. Tokenized in 2021, each aspect of these generative artworks (method, size, platform, format…) all have a conceptual role of communicating that time period.

-5th Series ‘Circularity’ – are NFTs that burn & re-mint themselves. Using AI and custom smart contracts as a medium, challenging the current standards of ownership and minting mechanics. Investigating the Human-Algorithm collaboration. Turning NFTs into a time-based public performance artwork.


-6th Series ‘INFINITY’ - 3D AI artworks exploring the role of human creativity in the realm of text-to-image AI, marking this major shift in human history. Created by custom AI models trained on every artwork Gordon has ever produced in his life time. 

Each series marks an important point in the evolution of the Crypto Art movement... 

Representing the process of growth,

mirroring the contemporary relationship between humans and technology. ♾

Documenting through art the journey to singularity or whatever comes next...


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