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Gordon Berger is a Pioneer of the Crypto Art movement. Since late 2011 he has been exploring blockchain and the concepts of value, materiality, and abstraction. He was the earliest TEDx speaker to give a talk on NFTs in early 2018 at the Museum of London and held the first NFT solo exhibition in New York the following year.

In 2018 he minted 3 of the initial 100 tokens on SuperRare and contributed to the earliest Generative Art Platform on the blockchain. Using these innovative Web3 functionalities as a medium, he created the first NFTs ever to be materialized into physical reality (‘Solidity’/‘Materiality’ Series 2019).

As an abstract and generative artist, Gordon has been drawn to the fusion of art and technology and its ever-evolving output in our contemporary digital world. He creates work by blending the digital creation process with more traditional physical art making techniques.

Being one of the early adopters of blockchain and Web3; it is apparent that these technologies have heavily influenced his creative process and are reflected in his work. Teaming up with Christie’s London (EDU) he was chosen to lead the course on ‘NFTs, Blockchain, & The Metaverse’.

As a graduate of Central Saint Martins University in London, and The Belgrade School of Design, he has dedicated his creative career to the intersection of the virtual and physical, and his art has been exhibited internationally.


  • First TEDx speaker to give a talk on NFTs and CryptoArt in early 2018

  • Minted 3 of the initial 100 NFTs on SuperRare (2018)

  • Contributed to the earliest Generative Art Platform on the blockchain (2018) and created ‘Solidity’ & ‘Materiality’ Series (2018/2019)

  • Generated the first NFT that was ever materialized into physical reality

  • Heald the first NFT solo-exhibition in a physical space by a single artist (New York, March 6, 2019)

  • Christie’s selected him as a global expert to lead the course at Christie’s EDU on NFTs, Blockchain, & The Metaverse

(Gordon Berger’s BIO from the Christie’s website: education.christies.com )

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-2021 The KERNEL Fellowship, Web3 (DeFi, NFT’s, Security, and Infrastructure)

-2015-2018 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martins University of Arts London
-2014- Central Saint Martins, Contemporary Fine Art Practice Course, London                                

-2012-2015 – School of Design, Belgrade

Selected projects, solo and group exhibitions:



-Nov 2022, "GLITCH", Artist Residency and Research, France

-Nov 2022, "Cross-Reality", Snowcash, Voxels Exhibition

-0ct 2022, Historic NFT Fest, 2011-2019 Retrospective CryptoArt Exhibition, Barcelona

-Sep 2022, NFT UK Exhibition, W1Curates, London

-Sep 2022, "Crypto Art Begins", Book about 50 best artists, Nifty Gateway

-Apr 2022, "PHIGITAL", Generative Art Exhibition, Kate Vass Gallery, Switzerland  

-Mar 2022, "To Know Itself", Metaverse Exhibition, Musee Dezentral 

-Jan 2022, NFT Paris Exhibition, Station F, Paris 

-Dec 2021, Decentral Miami, NFT Gallery, Decentralcon, Miami

-Nov 2021, "Cryptographics - The Beginning of Blockchain Generative Art", Cryptovoxels

-Nov 2021, NFT.LDN Exhibition, Unit London Gallery, London

-Sep 2021, "Artifical Impulse (A.I.)", Ars Electronica, New York

-Feb 2021, "Abstract Art in the Age of New Media", MOCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

-Apr 2020, "Materiality - Blockchain Artwork Series" Online Video Launch

-Nov 2019,"Open Source Painting", Solo-Exhibiton Project, ZIP, Off Site Project

-Feb 2019, “Solidity”, Solo-Exhibition, Wallplay Network, New York

-Sep 2018, “Neo Norte”, Fundación Cultural Providencia, Santiago, Chile

-May 2018, “CSMerge”, Cental Saint Martins, London

-May 2018, “Home Alone”, Dateagle Art, London

-May 2018, “Untitled- Close To Now”, The Curation Society, London

-Feb 2018, “Earthly Delights”, Norman Rea Gallery, York

-Feb 2018, “Bionic” New Media Arts & Music, Stourspace exhibition, London

-Feb 2018, “Picasso Baby”, The Dot Project Gallery, London

-Jan 2018, “Studio Complex” group exhibition, Tate Modern, London

-Nov 2017, “Les Interdictions” exhibition, Granary Square, London

-Oct 2017, “Daub” group exhibition, Artist Tank, Marylebone London

-Apr 2017, “Artistic Practice”, Light Eye Mind gallery, London

-Jul 2017, “The Spaces of Otherness” group exhibition, Serbian House, London

-Oct 2016, “Big Space VI Exhibition”, CSM Main Street, London

-May 2016, “Instant City Reloaded Event- Marathon”, Zurich School of the Arts, London

-May 2016, “Nothing to see here” exhibition, Square Gallery, London

-Dec 2014, “Shortest Day” Video projection, Belgrade Youth Centre, Belgrade

-Oct  2014, “Royal Charity Exhibition”, House of King Peter, Belgrade

-Maj 2014, ‘Beokulis’ exhibition, Studio Uroboros Gallery, Belgrade

Teaching and Speaking

-0ct 2022, 'Historic NFT Fest', Speaker, Barcelona

-Sep 2022, 'Art in Web3', NFT UK, W1Curates, London

-Sep 2022, 'Plurality in Voxels', As one of the judges, Sandbox

-Jun 2022, NFT.NYC, New York

-Jun 2022, 'Arts Creativity in the Metaverse Era', Korean National Research Center for the Arts

-Jun 2022, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, South Korea

-May 2022, Christie's Art Law Conference, Christie's, London

-Feb 2022, 'Non-fungible Tokens Evolution' Global Blockchain Initiative 

-Feb 2022, 'NFTs, Blockchain and the Metaverse', Web3 Course Leader, Christie's Edu, London

-Feb 2022, Lecturer at the course on NFTs, Brown University, Rhode Island

-Oct 2018, NASA Hackathon, Belgrade

-Jun 2018, Lecturer at the Art Business Summer School, Christie's, London

-Apr 2018, TEDxUAL Speaker at the Museum of London

-2017, 2018 Teaching/mentoring students form the Belgrade School of Design

-Jun 2017, Panel Participant, Soho House, London