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'Solidity' Series

The ‘Solidity’ & ‘Materiality’ Series challenge how new technological networks affect our experience and perception by examining concepts such as: ownership of digital assets, digital scarcity, authenticity & value in the virtual world. ​

Pioneering the use of blockchain’s data and smart contracts as a tool and medium for generating digital art. ‘Solidity’ series is created through a 3-part process: Generating, Bridging (2D to 3D) and Production. Resulting in a digitally native artwork being generated using blockchain and the afterwards physical production based on it. Creating the first NFTs ever materialized into physical reality.

Challenging the conventional hierarchy of value and authenticity when it comes to digital and physical objects. Since the physical pieces are being reproduced, copy/pasted and in a way ‘devalued’, while the significance of the digital artwork is highlighted - shifting the perception of the viewers.

These physical artworks have an emphasis on tactility, analog, and physical presence while at the same time explore concepts of automation, labor, and production in our culture.

As one of the earliest Crypto Art explorations of smart contract enabled generative art – these series outsource part of the expression to algorithms; Creating a hybrid form of creativity where the role of data, machine and the artist is redefined.

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