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'Unity' Series

Blending blockchain and painting techniques the ‘UNITY’ Series consists of 88 unique artworks generated using an algorithm and blockchain data; exploring concepts of trust, control, and collaboration in our evolving Web3 world.

The title ‘UNITY’ comes from the unification of all the digitally handmade brushstrokes used in the previous two series ‘Solidity’ & ‘Materiality’ (2018/19). The silver brushstrokes were originally used to create the ‘Materiality’ series, and the colorful ones were used to generate the first series ‘Solidity’. Code and smart-contracts become an extension the creative expression rather than just a tool.

‘UNITY’ series also marks an important point in the evolution of the Crypto Art movement, as it was tokenized in 2021. Each aspect of these artworks: method, size, platform, format… all have a conceptual role of communicating that period - reflecting the rise of generative art and NFT adoption 🔗💻

To collect or look at all 'UNITY' artworks tap here: NFTs marketplace link<

web Unity Series artworks Gordon Berger NFT.png

'PHIGITAL', Generative Art Exhibition, Kate Vass Gallery (2022)

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