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Art Series:

web Gordon Berger Art Series Cryptoart ALL NFT.png

View artwork from emerging contemporary artist Gordon Berger.

Contemporary abstract painting / Crypto art / Digital Painting NFT / Postinternet painting

Diagram of my art series focused on documenting the progression of the Crypto Art movement and using Blockchain as a medium. Highlighting what it means to be human in this important moment of cultural/technological transformation. ✨ 

-1st Series ‘Solidity’ deals with using smart contracts and blockchain's data as a medium for generative art. Exploring concepts of digital ownership, value, and authenticity in the virtual world 🌐🎨

-2nd Series ‘Materiality’ focuses on automation, human labor and the intersection between the physical and digital dimension -by materializing digital art through physical production techniques 🤖🖼

-3rd Series ‘Evolve’ - comprised of artworks representing visual on-chain snapshots in time. Every new piece evolves and updates the previous version while adapting to technological innovation ⛓⏳

-4th Series ‘UNITY’ - generative artworks reflecting what was happening in the NFT space in 2021. Each aspect (method, format, size, platform…) has a conceptual role of communicating that moment in history - of the NFT adoption rise 🔗💻

-5th Series ‘Circularity’ – are NFTs that burn & re-mint themselves. Using AI and custom smart contracts as a medium, challenging the current standards of ownership and minting mechanics. Investigating the Human-Algorithm collaboration. Turning NFTs into a time-based public performance artwork ⭕🔥

Each series marks an important point in the evolution of the Crypto Art movement... ♾

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