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'Circularity' Series

Circularity by Gordon Berger (Collection Img).png

‘Circularity’ - NFTs that burn & re-mint themselves ⭕🔥


Collection of 12 artworks that challenge the standards of: Ownership, Burning and Minting mechanics. Investigating the Human-Algorithm collaboration by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and smart contracts as an artistic medium.

Each NFT only exists for the duration of the month it is linked to and gets burned on the last day of that month. However, every NFT re-appears (re-mints itself) on the 1st day of the same month, next year.

Artworks have 1 month of (on-chain) existence and are burnt for the remaining 11 months of that year. Once an artwork is burned the next month NFT gets re-minted, so there is always a market supply of only 1 unique NFT. 

Contrasting the culture of rapid NFT trading, these artworks can be seen as “Slow NFTs" ⏳

Exploring concepts such as:

  • 🎇 Temporality in our physical & digital world

  • ⛓ Blockchain-based timestamping and code as a medium

  • 🔁 Cyclical nature of life: Creation/Destruction, Seasons, Life/Death/Re-birth, Past/Present/Future… 

  • 🤖 What is the role of creativity in a world of infinite AI generated content and the importance of human narrative, expertise and vision

  • ⏳ Turning NFTs into a time-based public performance artwork

Read the full thread about the concept here <

Or watch the video explanation bellow:


'Circularity' Artworks:
(>Link to Marketplace<)

The second part of the series:
'Burn Ceremony'
(>Link to 'CBC' Marketplace<)

‘Circularity’ is an infinite loop as long the burn is triggered - this triggering is called the ‘Burn Ceremony’. Last 24h of every month, anyone is invited to contribute by triggering the burn, there is also an ETH bounty to incentivize bots.

Once the burn transaction has been triggered, a new NFT, for that month, is minted into a sub-series called: ‘Circularity Burn Ceremony’ (or ‘CBC’ for short)


This means ‘Circularity’ is made up of two connected collections:

  • 1st is the ‘Circularity’ collection - with 12 main NFTs

  • 2nd is the ‘Burn Ceremony’ - this collection has no supply limit, it slowly increases whenever the monthly burn is triggered

Contrasting scarcity and abundance (Rare vs Meme)

Each ‘Burn Ceremony’ NFT is a 24sec video of that month’s artwork slowly fading for 12sec and re-emerging for 12sec. This could also be seen as a celebration of the passing of time or a ‘restoration ceremony’ that marks a new beginning...✨

LogoC Gordon Berger nft exhibit Museum of Crypto Art Colborn.png

 'Circularity', Solo-Exhibition, Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA)

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