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CryptoArt & Blockchain Consulting Services

Gordon Berger is an artist and consultant in the field of Crypto Art, NFTs & Blockchain technology. With an extensive background of more than a decade long history in the crypto space, he has shared his knowledge and experience internationally with thousands of people and guided some of the largest projects and marketplaces in the Web3 ecosystem.

As a Crypto Art Pioneer, he has been contributing to the awareness and education regarding this technological and cultural movement. From being the earliest speaker to ever give a TEDx Talk on NFTs and Crypto Art in 2018, to lecturing the first student led NFT course at the prestigious Brown University.

Christie’s EDU London has also selected Gordon, as a global expert, to lead the official course on 'NFTs, Blockchain, & the Metaverse'.


Gordon utilizes his extensive real world experience to help guide Collectors/Funds/Artists/Institutions/DAOs (& more) 

to successfully navigate their journeys through the Web3 landscape.

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